Kings Funerals - Serving Geelong, Newcomb, Grovedale, Torquay, The Bellarine Peninsula And The Surf Coast

Why choose Bellarine Memories.

It’s not about us. It’s about you.

You, your family and the memory of your loved one who passed away.

At Bellarine Memories, you’ll find that there are no standardised cookie cutter ways of doing things. Why? Because we know that your situation, just like the life of your loved one, is unique – and that it’s our job to learn about and fulfill your individual needs.

As founder Philip Christian says, “Above all, we listen, listen, listen and we don’t just hear the words but hear what’s behind the words and what people are actually saying, so that the service, the memory, is presented with authenticity.”

“People are looking for help and guidance. That’s why we’re still here doing what we’ve always done, being here for them when they need us.” – Fiona Dempster, Community Liaison

Indeed, we know we’re not here to direct you but to support you, so you become empowered to do what you want. That way, we can provide an experience that represents what you think, feel and believe an experience that’s appropriate to your needs and your culture.

In addition, our affinity with the surrounding community helps us do just that. If for example, you would like a service to be held at a certain restaurant, church, club or even at the beach, we call on our unmatched local knowledge to make it happen. We are well known for our creative input, all aimed at making services and celebrations more memorable and fulfilling.

Learning more is easy. Simply contact us on (03) 5255 5500. Or stop in for a chat. You’ll find that our hearts and minds are always open and here for you.

Want to talk it through? We’re here for you.

Contact us at any time and we’ll be glad to help. We’re here with expert guidance and an understanding ear 24 hours a day seven days a week. And it’s easy to arrange an appointment for a personal consultation. Call us: (03) 5255 5500

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